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Josh Mandel


Josh Mandel (born September 27, 1977) is Ohio's former State Treasurer who has twice run unsuccessfully for U.S. Senate, and in 2022 is running a third time against the Trump-endorsed J.D. Vance and other GOP candidates.

Mandel represents the failed and declining Mike Pence-wing of the Republican Party,[1] rather than conservative populism made successful by Trump. A Mandel ally desperately urges people to boycott or boo at the Trump rally in Ohio on April 23, 2022:

“Ohio Value Voters urges Ohioans to boycott the Trump Rally in Delaware County this Saturday, April 23rd. However, [if] you decide to attend, when President Trump introduces JD Vance, make your voices heard by letting Trump know, JD Vance is Wrong for Ohio. Booing is entirely appropriate!”[2]

Mandel is an Iraq War veteran who served eight years in the Marine Corps Reserves, where he was awarded the Navy & Marine Corps Achievement Medal. In addition to serving as State Treasurer, he served three years as a city councilman, and four years as a state legislator. Mandel has had support from "Conservative Inc." types, such as the Club for Growth which has been dubbed the "Club for Chinese Growth."[3]

Mandel graduated from Beachwood High School in an eastern suburb of Cleveland. He has a BA in communications from Ohio State University.

"When Josh ran for State Representative, he knocked on 19,679 doors and wore out three pairs of shoes listening to citizens." [4]



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