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JunkScience.com "All the junk that's fit to debunk" is a conservative activist website founded April 1, 1996. JunkScience analyzes and refutes the crank liberal science of Global Warming. Steve Milloy is the founder and publisher of JunkScience, "Milloy is one of a small group who devotes time, energy and intelligence to the defense of the truth of science." Anything dealing with the science movement and environmental matters such as CO2, DDT, Dioxine, Chlorine, radiation, the Ozone, the Sun, viruses, vaccines and more are documented. They educate, they investigate and inform the public about the enablers, those referred as the "junk science mob." These include the media, politicians, personal injury lawyers, social activists, government regulators, scientists and individuals promoting junk science. JunkScience is at the forefront refuting climate change nonsense and Cap and Trade legislation.

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