Justice and Development Party

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Justice and Development Party (Adalet ve Kalkınma Partisi)
Party leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan
Parliamentary leader Naci Bostancı
Founded August 14, 2001
Headquarters Ankara, Turkey
Political ideology Neo-Ottomanism
Sunni Islamism
Right-wing populism (debatable)
Political position Fiscal: Fiscal conservatism
Social: Islamism
International affiliation Alliance of Conservatives and Reformists in Europe
Color(s) White, Yellow, and Black
Website http://www.akparti.org.tr/english

The Justice and Development Party, currently part of the People's Alliance and also known as the AKP, is the current ruling party of Turkey, led by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. It is known for its strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood.[1]


Although most analysts consider the AKP to be a right-wing populist party, it cannot be placed in the same category as other right-wing populist parties such as the Alternative for Germany, United Kingdom Independence Party, or National Rally for several reasons.

First, the nationalism advocated by the AKP is entirely religious, not civic. Although not a true Islamist party because it does not advocate Sharia law, the AKP's central goal is to transform Turkey into a neo-Ottoman Empire.

Second, the AKP does not respect the sovereignty of other nations. Under its leadership, Turkey has engaged in an increasingly belligerent foreign policy that has included sponsoring jihadist groups that intend to overthrow the governments of Iraq and Syria and allow Turkey to occupy at least part of those countries[2][3][4][5], actually deploying troops into Iraq and Syria without the permission of their governments[6][7][8], threatening to illegally annex parts of Greece[9], actively supporting Hamas in its quest to destroy Israel[10], attempting to use Turkish embassies in European countries to incite voluntary espionage and general disloyalty among ethnic Turkish immigrant populations[11], and using his bodyguards to attack innocent protesters in foreign countries during his visits.

Third, the AKP does not respect law and order. Before the AKP came to power, Turkey was considered a democracy. Under the AKP, Turkey is on the edge of becoming a totalitarian dictatorship. Dissent is openly punished. Freedom of the press has been almost entirely destroyed. The government has incited ethnic violence against minorities, particularly the Kurds. Erdoğan himself has openly mocked the notion of democracy.

Fourth, the AKP actually does support political positions associated with Fascism/Nazism. Erdoğan is a fierce anti-Semite who as a young man wrote a play accusing Jews of being behind the creations of both Freemasonry and Communism, accused Israel of being behind dissent against governments that support the Muslim Brotherhood[12], and publicly praised Adolf Hitler as a model example of how to govern a country.

Fifth, the AKP has an unofficial para-military wing. As the leader of the People's Alliance, the AKP's junior partner includes the neo-fascist Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), the parent organization of the Grey Wolves. The Grey Wolves is a terrorist organization that has been involved in massacres, assassinations, bombings, and the international drug trade. Thousands[13][14] of people across Europe and Asia have been killed as a result of the various operations launched by this group over the past half-century.

And sixth, the AKP has openly aligned with globalists on multiple issues. The most prominent issue on which they align is mass migration from the Middle East into Europe. This should surprise no-one, as Erdoğan has publicly advocated for a "war between the Cross and the Crescent" and called on European Muslims to outbreed European non-Muslims in an attempt to win this "war" and turn Europe into a Muslim continent (preferably loyal to him and his regime, as Erdoğan would absolutely love to see secular and assimilated Muslims who would never support him to be eradicated by the ethno-religious violence he wants). Erdoğan is also very anti-Trump, having called the United States an "uncivilized country" out of anger towards Donald Trump's opposition to Erdoğan's foreign policy.


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