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Ken Shamrock (born February 11, 1964) is a professional wrestler and mixed martial artist who was an early pioneer in mixed martial arts (MMA) competitions and an early champion and fan favorite of the Ultimate Fighting Championship in its fledgling state before there were weight classes. He was also the former King of Pancrase. Shamrock, who began as a professional wrestler, left the world of MMA to return to wrestling and join the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE), a wrestling entertainment organization. Upon his return to MMA, Shamrock was never able to recapture the success that he once enjoyed. He is a former WWF Intercontinental Champion, a former WWF Tag Team Champion, the 1998 WWF King of the Ring winner and a former NWA World Heavyweight Champion in wrestling and was also the inaugural UFC Superfight Champion, had the longest fight in UFC history (clocking in at 36 minutes) with MMA competitor Royce Gracie and is a member of the UFC Hall of Fame.

Shamrock has known personal adversity, including a divorce and a financial nosedive after his early success that once saw him having to sleep on the floor in the spare rooms of some of his friends. Now remarried, the charismatic Shamrock has gotten his life back together. A natural TV personality, Shamrock refuses to curse as part of his religious convictions and has told his story on The 700 Club.

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