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Konqueror is a file and web browser and application viewer. It is the official browser of KDE. Konqueror uses KHTML as it's layout engine. Konqueror was first released on May 12, 2000 as part of KDE 1.90[1] which was a beta release. The first stable release of Konqueror was on October 23, 2000 as part of KDE 2.0.[2] Konqueror supports HTML 4.01, CSS 2.1, CSS 3 selectors, SSL, Java, JavaScript, DOM2, partial DOM3, and Netscape plug-ins including Flash.[3] In 2002, Apple Inc. made a fork of KHTML called WebKit and used it in their Safari web browser. In KDE 4.4 and higher, there is an option to use the WebKit engine in Konqueror.


  • Fast, efficient browser
  • Includes built-in advertizement blocking
  • Includes a pop-up blocker
  • Offers a password manager
  • Tabbed browsing
  • split-screen browsing option
  • "Bookmark" manager
  • Webpage translation
  • Spelling checker
  • Supports text-based in-browser web shortcuts. Some are included, and more may be added. For example, cp:[search term] could be set up to automatically open a Conservapedia search for the term you entered.[4]


  • Primarily intended for use by tech-savvy people
  • Is not always recognized by "Web 2.0" websites
  • Addons are supposedly supported, but none are available[5]


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