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Apple Safari

The Safari web browser is released by Apple Inc.; it was formerly only for their Macintosh (Mac) operating system, however in March 2008 the browser became available to Microsoft Windows operating systems as well.[1]

Safari 6.0.2 is the current version; new features included better performance, a Safari Reader that allowed the isolation of news articles text and extensions.

Safari 4.0

CNET tests on February 24, 2009 showed Safari 4.0 to be the fastest browser on the market.[2] This version of Safari employed significant user interface changes: the tab bar was placed at the top of the browser; the default new page was "Top Sites" - a collection of websites frequently visited by the user; and Cover Flow (an iTunes feature that was installed in version 7.0[3]) was used to display various collections - such as bookmarks or the browser history.

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