Lü Bu

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Lü Bu was a general and warlord during the Three Kingdoms period.

Romance of the Three Kingdoms

Lü Bu
Traditional Chinese 呂布
Simplified Chinese 吕布

Lu Bu first appears in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms at a meeting when Dong Zhuo was about to kill Lu Bu's step father Ding Yuan. Upon seeing Lu Bu, Dong Zhuo and his men decided not to attack Ding Yuan. Later in the story Lu Bu is bribed into killing Ding Yuan in exchange for a horse by Dong Zhuo. Dong Zhuo then adopted him. After the battle that Dong Zhuo was defeated at the hands of the coalition of lords Lu Bu killed Dong Zhuo. He was convinced to do so by the father of the wife of Dong Zhuo, whom Lu Bu was sleeping with. After he was defeated by Dong Zhuo's loyal troops he sought refuge with Liu Bei. Liu Bei being the good man he was let him and his men stay at their castle. Lu Bu then got drunk and rebelled taking Liu Bei's castle for himself. Liu Bei then went to Cao Cao whom he was friendly with and they both raised an army and attacked Lu Bu. Lu Bu was actually eventually betrayed by his own men and handed over to Cao Cao and Liu Bei. He promised loyalty to Cao Cao and was refused and was then choked to death.