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Larry Brinkin (born 1947) is a homosexual activist, lawyer, and former director of San Francisco's Human Rights Commission, convicted for pedophile offences in 2014.


Brinkin is considered a "gay rights pioneer," and a champion for "equal rights" for the Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Transgender "community." He was the lawyer who started the whole "gay marriage" campaign and brought the first cases for "discrimination" that led to legalizing same-sex "marriage". Brinkin retired from SFHRC in 2010, and San Francisco declared the first week of February as "Larry Brinkin Week." At the time of his retirement, he earned more than $135,000 per year.

Links with Pedophilia

In 2014 Brinkin, 67, was convicted on charges of possessing and distributing child pornography. the case started in June 2012 when San Francisco police acted on a tip from the Los Angeles Police Department, about an AOL an e-mail exchange between a Los Angeles user and a certain <>. Police linked the AOL address to Brinkin's IP address, proving he was owner of the account and paid for the AOL service with his credit card. They then searched Brinkin's home and found that on his computer he had literally thousands of extreme pornographic images of small children that he was getting and sending to other pedophiles. They added comments of their own to indicate excitement. Brinkin had made online comments of a coarse explicitly homosexual nature that left no room for doubt about his enjoyment. Some of the comments were also racist. [1] Brinkin had a “toolbox” of child pornography, which included thumb drives, at his home where he lives with his "husband" Wood Massi who says he had no idea he was married to a deviant.

When first arrested Brinkin pleaded not guilty. For two years his friends in high places shielded him from prosecution and from media coverage, blanking out everything about this case from the internet except on small inter-personal networking.

When his trial finally came, Brinkin pleaded guilty. The evidence was just too damning as the messages were sent from his e-mail address, and from his IP address, over a number of years. The prosecution showed the court items found by police at his home including computers, USB sticks, videos, VHS tapes, and a floppy disc, with pedophile content. The photographs and films were paid for with his credit card. He was convicted in January 2014. Yet he got only 6 months in jail. Brinkin’s very generous pension from the city of San Francisco was not terminated. The whole case suffered from media blackout. Nearly all news of Brinkin’s conviction has been kept off internet search engines.[2] [3]