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Liberal gullibility is the tendency of some people to easily believe false liberal claims. Michael Moore makes a fortune from liberal gullibility and Al Gore won a Nobel Prize on the back of it.

Examples of liberal gullibility include beliefs such as:

  • Taking away guns will prevent gun crime. (Unfortunately, if good people get rid of their guns, criminals will not. In the Luby's massacre in Killeen, Texas, people were essentially sitting ducks which resulted in the deaths of 24 people and 20 people being injured. One of the survivors, Suzanna Hupp, later a state representative, said that she was unable to stop the incident because Texas at the time did not allow people to carry concealed weapons. She later became a politician and pushed for legislation to allow Texans to carry a concealed weapon to help prevent/limit massacres like this from happening in Texas again).
  • Human beings contribute to global warming. (This has been disputed by a number of scientists including Nobel prize winners).
  • Providing government health care for all will reduce illness. (Government provided healthcare would probably result in people going to the hospital more frequently than necessary, causing system overload - this happened in Massachusetts after a similar policy was enacted there. It may also cause a decrease in the number of doctors interested in becoming specialty doctors).
  • Government programs reduce poverty. (The problem with such policies is that they create dependence and since poorer people have more children than the rich it only worsens the problem).
  • The Piltdown Man was the missing link, and so was the Nebraska Man. (Liberals believed and taught these hoaxes for decades in the 20th century).
  • Circular reasoning "proves" something. (For example, assuming an element had a half-life of 700 million years in order to "prove" that the universe is older than 700 million years).
  • Legalizing drugs will kill the black market in drugs. (Whereas the black market will simply find a new market).
  • Remarkable homing and migration are somehow the result of magnetism.[1]
  • Believing that they have seen UFOs representing intelligent life from outer space.[2]
  • Believing that an absence of direct evidence is necessarily an evidence of absence (for example, the apparent lack of WMD's in Iraq, despite evidence of a program in place, and the supposed extinction of dinosaurs despite modern sightings).[3]
  • Liberals will often believe anything uttered by another liberal but approach conservative ideas or views with skeptiscm and sometimes rage.
  • Believing anything that a liberal scientist tells them, such as a 13-foot tall T-rex “magically transforming into a bird” in a given period of time (evolution).
  • Believing that the world was originally shaped by “moving space-dirt” (nebular hypothesis).
  • Falling for bogus statistics regarding homosexuality; for example, “Out of every 2 men, at least 3 of them are gay.” While this is an attempt by some to make homosexuality appear to be commonplace in American society, it does not address the fact that homosexuality is morally wrong and unhealthy regardless of how many have chosen the path.
  • Blindly defending anything Richard Dawkins claims, no matter how outrageous, libelous, or just plain silly it may seem at face value.
  • Believing that legalizing marijuana will somehow reduce the number of diseases in America.
  • Believing that possession of arms leads to an unrelenting, steadily-increasing desire to use such arms in a reckless or illegal manner against innocent civilians.
  • Placing blind trust in the often-misleading words/stances of liberal professors. That is, there is a tendency for students to believe most things claimed by professors because, since professors are seen as one of the highest examples of intelligence within their facet, students believe that indoctrination via liberal professor values is simply “learning the truth”. See this section of the professor values article to learn more about this practice.
  • Blindly believing that same-sex "marriage" will somehow strengthen the family.

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