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Lilith is a demon or succubus in Jewish mythology. According to a late forgery claiming to have been written by Ben Sira, Lilith is the first wife of Adam (before Eve), and she leaves Eden in a metaphorical version of divorce. This is because she refuses to be subservient and believes that both she and Adam were made from the earth and were equal. After she leaves Eden she is transformed into a succubus and cursed by God to never find love because her kisses suck the life out of mortal men.[1]

The Bible mentions Lilith only once, in Isaiah 34: “Wildcats shall meet hyenas, / Goat-demons shall greet each other; / There too the lilith shall repose / And find herself a resting place” (Isaiah 34:14). In the King James Version, “lilith” is translated “screech owl”.[2]

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