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Lois McMaster Bujold is an American Science fiction and fantasy author who has won many prestigious awards. She is famous for novels like "The Mountains of Mourning" and "The Curse of Chalion". There are many recurrent themes in her novels including Abortion: The fictional technology of uterine replicators leads to several occasions where the concept of abortion can be examined from a unique perspective: where the fetus is physically independent of the mother. Cordelia Naismith a lead character argues against terminating the fetuses. Other themes include cloning, insanity, honor and love. The other over arching theme is "The Other" of Vorkosigan Saga. This means those who lie outside mainstream society. A variety of characters including Miles Vorkosigan himself, Quadies of Falling tree, Sylvia of Sybian riders and Taura of "Labyrinth" represent this theme. Minorities in the Barrayaran empire, those of Greek descent (The Vor Game), and especially Komarrans like Duv Galeni (Brothers in Arms and Memory) are also traditionally discriminated against.[1]


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