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Four-leafed clovers are considered to be lucky. (Pic:SuperFantastic)

Luck is the tendency for good things to happen to people by chance, rather than as a result of their actions or capabilities. Many people consider themselves to be inherently lucky or unlucky, typically attributing their success or failure at work, in love or in life in general to a string of happy or unhappy coincidences that they see as having been outside their personal control. Other people, including many conservatives, reject the idea of luck, believing instead that success comes as a result of hard work and application, and that to blame failure on bad luck is merely to make excuses for one's own inadequacy or poor decision-making.

Many people hold certain superstitions about actions or events that will bring good or bad luck. For example, breaking mirrors, walking under ladders and black cats are usually seen as unlucky, while finding a four-leaf clover or carrying a charm such as a rabbit's foot brings good luck. People who hold such beliefs are often aware that they are rather fanciful, but stick to them out of habit or affection. In most cases, such beliefs are harmless, although it is possible for fancy to develop into obsession, which can lead to more dangerous explorations of the occult.