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Luigi Giussani (1922-2005) Italian, Roman Catholic priest and founder of the international Catholic movement "Communion and Liberation".


Giussani was born in Desio, near Milan, Italy. He was ordained a priest in 1945. Giussani led Communion and Liberation from 1969 until his death in 2005. In 1983 he was given the title of Monsignor by Pope John Paul II (with the title of Honorary Prelate to His Holiness).

From 1993 until his death, he was director of the series "I libri dello spirito cristiano" ("Books of the Christian Spirit").

Giussani died in Milan in 2005. Pope Benedict XVI, then-Cardinal Ratzinger, celebrated the funeral Mass of Msgr. Giussani. He is also known as "Don Giussani".

"How beautiful the world is, and how great is God!". His mother at the sight of the last star fading in the growing morning light.

Communion and Liberation

Communion and Liberation is a lay ecclesial movement within the Roman Catholic Church. It is present today in approximately 70 countries around the world. Aesthetics and praying have an important role in the method by which members are formed in the faith. The basic instrument for the formation of adherents is weekly catechesis, called "School of Community."

There is no search for the truth about Destiny, about God, without prayer.


  • The Religious Sense
  • At the Origin of the Christian Claim
  • Why the Church?
  • Morality: Memory and Desire
  • He Is If He Changes
  • Religious Awareness in Modern Man
  • The Risk of Education
  • The Psalms
  • The Journey to Truth Is an Experience
  • The Work of the Movement

"The faith is not given us in order that we preserve it, but in order that we communicate it. If we don't have the passion to communicate it, we don't preserve it."

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