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Mark Lloyd

Mark Lloyd became the FCC's "diversity czar" in early August 2009, a post created to actively force multicultrual policy upon the American public by the Obama administration.[1] His appointment was announced on July 29, 2009. His official roles and titles are "Chief Diversity Officer" as well as "Associate General Counsel."[2][3] On August 14, 2009 Senator Chuck Grassley wrote a letter to Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Julius Genachowski, questioning the appropriateness of Mark Lloyd's appointment in light of the chairman's commitment to not reinstitute the Fairness Doctrine.[4] Lloyd was not subject to U.S. Senate confirmation.[5]

In the past he was also a broadcast journalist for NBC and CNN.[5]

Brent Bozell, president of the Media Research Center calls FCC 'Diversity Czar' Lloyd a liar.[6]

Why are Obama's leadership picks so incapable of telling the truth? It is not necessary for conservatives to 'distort' or 'smear' Mark Lloyd. All we have to do is quote him. When we do, he has public meltdowns with hysterical and dishonest accusations.

Mr. Lloyd, we're not going to stop talking about you or your record, using that media - the alternative media - you and your radical friends despise so much because you can't control it.


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