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Mary Jacoby is the wife of Glenn Simpson, founder of FusionGPS.[1]

The Octopus

Mary Jacoby is the daughter of Jon Jacoby, who introduced Walter Smiley to the Stephens family of Arkansas.[2] Smiley is the founder of Systematics which the Stephens family purchased an 80% stake.[3] Hillary Rodham Clinton was the intellectual property lawyer for Systematics.[4] Part of this "intellectual property" involved a banking transaction software system based on the PROMIS software. A federal bancruptcy court ruled in 1987 that the US Justice Department "stole" the PROMIS software from a small company called Inslaw Inc when the DOJ refused to pay Inslaw for the software program and forced Inslaw into bankruptcy. The US intelligence community took the PROMIS software and added a hiden "backdoor" for monitoring banking transactions and money laundering. Systematics was the firm that the National Security Agency (NSA) used to get the PROMIS software with the hidden backdoor into the hands of banks worldwide. The intellectual property that Hillary Clinton handled, and that Systematics marketed, was stolen from Inslaw.

John McCain

Wall Street Journal correspondents Mary Jacoby and Glenn Simpson reported a consultant to John McCain hired a public-relations firm to improve the American image of a Ukrainian political party backed by Russian leader Vladimir Putin, according to documents filed with the Justice Department. The lobbying firm of Davis Manafort Inc. arranged through an affiliate for the public-relations firm's work in the spring of 2008, at the same time Davis Manafort was being paid by McCain's presidential campaign. The firm is co-owned by lobbyist Rick Davis, manager of Sen. McCain's presidential campaign, and Republican strategist Paul Manafort.

Deep State coup

The Clinton campaign and Democratic party hired Fusion GPS to conduct ‘opposition research’ against Donald Trump. FEC records show Obama for America also paid $972,000 to the law firm of Perkins Coie, the surrogate intermediary for FusionGPS and Hillary Clinton beginning in April 2016. Mary Jacoby, wife of Fusion GPS founder Glenn Simpson, visited the White House at the same time. FusionGPS then hired Nellie Ohr who specializes in Russian-centric counterintelligence. Nellie Ohr worked with former MI6 officer Christopher Steele to write the Clinton-Steele dossier.

Nellie Ohr is the wife of Obama Associate Deputy Attorney General Bruce Ohr, who then presented the Clinton-Steele dossier to the FISA court to obtain surveillance warrants on the Trump campaign.

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  4. According to The American Lawyer, July 1992: "[Hillary] Clinton also was attracted to intellectual property litigation. 'We did not have any intellectual property expertise when she joined us,' says Vince Foster, who adds that Clinton got involved in this area through her work for the firm client, Systematics Inc., a company based in Little Rock that provided computer systems for financial institutions. 'She became sort of self-taught in all of this,' explains Foster. 'And you don't find a lot of intellectual property subspecialists in Arkansas. Quite frankly, the rest of us here thought of it as a foreign language.'"