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Mary Trump is the far-Left and Communist niece of President Donald Trump and is considered to be a "black sheep" of the Trump family by much of the public because of her extreme hatred of her uncle. She has demanded the prosecution of Trump for alleged "crimes" she claimed he committed (although those claims have since been discredited). In her extreme radicalism, she demanded that Donald Trump resign from the Oval Office, which he disregarded.[1] She is the daughter of Fred Trump, who died in 1981 due to alcoholism when she was aged 16. Her feud with her uncle Donald Trump began after death of her grandfather Fred Trump Sr. She and her brother Fred Trump III filed suit against Donald Trump and two of his three living siblings, Maryanne Trump Barry and Robert Trump, for exerting what she claimed was "undue influence" on the elderly Fred Sr.'s will. The lawsuit was settled in 2001, with Mary and Fred III selling their interests in the family business (which included ground leases for two of Fred Sr.'s major properties).[2]