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MassResistance is a conservative news website operated by Brian Camenker out of Massachusetts. They are primarily involved in the opposition of homosexual "rights", protecting the rights of children and protecting children against being targeted by homosexual predators[1] who seek to groom them for the homosexual lifestyle under the ruse of "tolerance", "diversity" and "anti-bullying"; one of the methods being used by those predators (in collusion with complicit and elitist liberal public officials), which MassResistance is actively working to expose and shut down, are "Drag queen story hours" being held at public libraries in various cities.[2]

The group was formed in 2006 as part of a consolidation of the Parents' Rights Coalition and the Article 8 Alliance. They oppose same-sex "marriage" and homosexual legislation targeted at schools such as transgender bills. They opposed "Teach-Out," a homosexual conference for pre-adolescent students that was sponsored by the Massachusetts Department of Education. The group has been targeted by liberal hate group the Southern Poverty Law Center as a so-called "hate group",[3] and MassResistance's supporters have also been targeted for harassment (including filing of frivolous lawsuits and false copyright claims[4]) and other criminal acts by bigoted leftist activists[5] and have even been targeted with threats of harassment and violence by far-Left fascist hate group Antifa.[6] MassResistance actively opposes Mitt Romney for his policies while governor of Massachusetts.


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