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The Mayor of London is a democratically elected office created in 2000. The office holds certain executive powers relating to the area of Greater London. Created in order to better facilitate coordination of services facilities and administration within the British capital, it was a position held from its creation until May 4, 2008 by "Red" Ken Livingstone. The current Mayor of London is the Conservative Party's Boris Johnson, who defeated Livingstone in the 2008 local elections which saw massive losses for the leftist Labour Party across the country.[1]

The London Mayor has a budget, and is regulated by the London Assembly. The office has authority over a variety of areas, mostly regarding coordination of public services within the area. The London Congestion Charge was initiated by then-Mayor Ken Livingstone in 2003, and the administration of public transportation across the area is also controlled by the office. The upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games will, and already has, involved large amounts of planning and involvement from the Mayor of London.

The salary of the office-holder is on a par with that of a Government Cabinet Minister.


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