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Michael Ende

Michael Ende (1929 - 1995) was a German Fantasy/Fiction writer, especially for children. His most famous works are Jim Button, The neverending story and Momo.

Political views

Ende integrated political/societal messages into most of his books. He was fiscally left-wing and socially conservative.

Ende opposed war, turbo capitalism, American imperialism, the NATO, nuclear energy and was an environmentalist. But he was also socially conservative, traditionalist and a patriot.

Religious views

Ende was an anthroposoph like Rudolf Steiner. His writings were influenced by it. In Momo he condemns atheism.

Interesting facts

  • Ende opposed the film version of The neverending story. With the film version of Momo he was pleased and was himself an actor in it.
  • Due to his socially conservative stances Ende was labeled as a "fascist" by Liberals although he was anti-Nazism. His father's paintings were forbidden in the Nazi regime.
  • Ende's works were also influenced by Bertolt Brecht.