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Michigan cannabis has been legal for recreational use since December 2019, one month before neighboring Illinois also legalized it. They were the first two Midwestern states to have legalized recreational cannabis, following by Ohio in November 2023 based on a ballot initiative there.

By 2023, Michigan was #2 in the country in sales of recreational marijuana, second only to California.[1] With the increase in cannabis sales in Michigan, its population has declined unlike most of the United States.

As of 2021, both Michigan and Illinois had cannabis sales of about $1.8 billion in 2021, for medical and recreational cannabis combined. Michigan's sales were slightly higher despite having a lower population. By 2022, cannabis sales in Michigan topped $2 billion.[2]

There are fewer regulatory hurdles for cannabis sales in Michigan, which Michigan had more than 1,500 adult-use retail stores as of July 2022 (there is no limit), compared with Illinois's 21 operating growers and 110 retail stores.[3]

Festivals are constantly run in Michigan to promote getting high on cannabis, even all-day on Sundays when church would be a far better option.[3]

Market saturation

Fewer than 120 of Michigan’s 1,773 cities, villages and townships have opted to allow recreational marijuana sales.[4]

There has been market saturation and plummeting prices (as of Sept. 14, 2022, prices have fallen by 47%in the areas that do allow recreational cannabis, and most buyers reportedly obtain pot from the black market even after it was legalized.[4] The small businesses that went into this are being bankrupted.