Midterm elections

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Midterm elections are Congressional elections held in between presidential elections. The president's party usually loses seats in Congress (1994 and 2006 are recent examples). Only three times since 1930 has the political party in the White House not lost seats in the midterm elections:

  • in 2002, due to 9/11, Republicans gained 8 seats in the House and 2 in the Senate amid sky-high approval ratings by President George W. Bush as is common in a crisis.
  • in 1998, Dems picked up 5 seats in the House (and none in the Senate) during Clinton's second term, partly due to immense losses by his party in the prior elections and the liberal media promoting him against talk of impeachment and removal.
  • in 1934, Dems picked 9 seats apiece in both the House and Senate as FDR pretended to address the Great Depression with his New Deal, which was not ultimately successful.

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