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A Monk is a member of a religious sect who has taken religious vows through ordination. Monks are men and typically lead austere lifestyles of renunciation. A monk is a man who is a member of a brotherhood typically living in a monastery and devoted to a discipline prescribed by his order. For instance, in the Roman Catholic Church, a Carthusian monk who ordained via the sacrament of Holy Orders. In the Orthodox and Catholic churches, monastics is based off the hermit lives of Prophet Elijah and John the Baptist.

In Middle English, munk, from Old English munuc, from Latin monachus, from Greek monakhos.

Buddhist Monk or Bhikshu

In Buddhism a Buddhist monk or Bhikshu is part of the Sangha (monastic clergy) who ordains as part of the Buddhist concept of the Triple Jewel. Buddhist monks are required by vow to shave their heads as an outward sign of their monastic vows of celibacy and vow of poverty.

Kiyomizudera monk.jpg

Japanese Kiyomizudera monk (by Ron Reznick)

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