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Mountain Dew (or Mtn Dew) is a transparent sweet citrus flavored soft drink made by PepsiCo,Inc. It has a yellowish hue, is carbonated, and has a high amount of caffeine added. Mountain Dew mixes orange juice with carbonated water, sugar, caffeine, and citric acid. Mountain Dew was first invented in 1948. It was first marketed in Virginia but then was purchased by the Fayetville family of North Carolina.


Mountain Dew's high levels of caffeine and sugar have been criticized as unhealthy, although typical brewed coffee usually has a much higher amount of caffeine than Mountain Dew. Jolt also has a much higher amount of caffeine than Mountain Dew. In addition, energy drinks such as Red Bull have a much higher amount of caffeine.

Name origin

The name "mountain dew" was originally used in reference to illegally produced alcohol (moonshine) during prohibition in the United States.[1][2] The soft drink which now goes by this name was invented as a whiskey mix—that is, a product to be added to whiskey.[3]