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The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics or NCTM is an organization of mathematics teachers, chiefly in K12 schools. It promotes methods of teaching mathematics and publishes books, pamphlets and magazines for teachers. It lobbies in Washington and state capitals on behalf of STEM programs in the schools.


The newest trend is introducing engineering in the schools. Since the 1990s six million K–12 students have experienced formal engineering education. As Dr. Linda Katehi, the NCTM committee chair explained:

"The presence of engineering in K–12 classrooms is an important phenomenon, not because of the number of students impacted, which is still small relative to other school subjects, but because of the implications of engineering education for the future of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education more broadly. In fact, our committee came to the conclusion that engineering education could be a catalyst for more integrated, and effective, STEM education in the United States."

The 2009 national convention was in Nashville in November.

NCTM is not a labor union like the National Education Association (NEA) and does not do collective bargaining. It was founded in 1920. Its first president was CM Austin.

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