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In natural somnambulism, the mind is generally engrossed by some self-induced ‘dominant ideaof its own, and cannot be directed by external suggestions, except such as may be in harmony with it.[1] According as somnambulists feel more or less elevated, they are also more or less apt to apprehend the truth of things. Their abnormal state of mind impairs their lucidity and, for this reason, their revelations and/or views are often a mixture of truths and errors, of sublime ideas and absurd or even ridiculous fancies.

Artificial somnambulism

A condition in which the voluntary control over the current of thought is entirely suspended so that the individual is becoming for the time a mere thinking automaton, the whole course of whose ideas is determinable by suggestion operating from without, is form of artificial somnambulism. The ‘biologized’ individual cannot get rid of any notion with which he thus becomes possessed, by any effort of his own; because the abeyance of his voluntary power alike prevents him from directing the current of his thoughts into another channel, and from having recourse to his ordinary experience for the correction of his fallacies; and so long as he is under his domination, all his conversation and actions are nothing else than an expression of it.[1]

The form of artificial somnambulism characterized by spontaneous amnesia was termed as ‘hypnotism’ by James Braid.[2]


There are numerous instances on record in which the current of thought and the course of action of a natural somnambulist have been entirely governed by the suggestions of those around. Historically, among the best known early examples of natural somnabulism was one narrated by James Gregory about an Officer who served in the expedition to Louisburgh in 1758, and at whose expense his comrades were accustomed to amuse themselves.[1]

Mathematician Kurt Gödel

When he was just eight years old, mathematician Kurt Gödel read a medical textbook. After that, he became convinced that he had a weak heart and this dominant idea of his own has permanently taken full possession of his mind even though his doctors could find no evidence of the condition.[3]

Natural somnambulism in Film: Some of us ... it’s lots of us

A 2006 American computer-animated film Ice Age: The Meltdown depicts the phenomenon of somnambulism at one of the main characters, Ellie. She is the only female mammoth left in the world, who, however, has a problem - she somehow thinks she is a possum ("Don’t be ridiculous, I’m not a mamooth, I’m a possum") and refuses external suggestions ("maybe because you’re mamooth?") pointing out that evidence in form of her physical appearance suggests otherwise.[4] It takes her a while until she finally realizes she is really a mammoth and also expresses her suspicions about how different she was from other possums.[5]

LGBTI somnambulism

"Born like this"
She then explains that she first discovered her true identity as a teenager.

"I realised I was a cat when I was 16..." ...When the presenter asks if she was born like this Nano agrees..."I am born as a cat," Nano confirms. ...Psychologist says she can grow out of it, but Nano wants to be cat for life.

— About Nano, 20, from Oslo, Norway, who believes she was born a cat[6]

In case of LGBTI somnambulism, the mind of its victim is engrossed by dominant idea that a person possessing this mind was 'born that way',[7] i.e. as involuntarily forced to conduct sodomical lifestyle. The behavioral actions and related conversation of the LGBTI 'thinking automaton' are essentially nothing else than an expression of this fallacious idea. In Norway, where the gender ideology is deployed within the school system under the banner of gender equality, there start apppearing bizarre cases of young people declaring that they were born as "the wrong species trapped in a human body".[6] Believing, as homolobby does, that teaching children and young people LGBTI/gender ideology has no side effects on their mental and psychological development becomes hard to maintain. In 2013, Slovak medical specialists including psychiatrist and former Minister of Health Alojz Rakús[8] published, on the occasion of International Children's Day, a declaration where they warned against dangeres of spreading the LGBTI/gender ideology that seeks to perform the so-called gender senzitization of youth and children via twisted sexual education in schools.[9]


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