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New Brunswick Flag

New Brunswick is a Canadian maritime Province, and the only "Officially Bilingual" province, in a bilingual country.

The coast was explored in the 16th century and France conceded control to Britain in 1713. New Brunswick was created a separate colony in 1784 to house Loyalists fleeing from the United States. It joined Canadian confederation in 1867. Saint John, N.B. is the oldest incorporated city in Canada. Mount Allison University is a highly regarded Canadian University, the first university in Canada to grant a degree to a woman and has produced more Rhodes Scholars than any other school

The capital of New Brunswick is Fredericton, and the major cities are Saint John and Moncton. The total area of New Brunswick is 73,440 km2 with a population of 748,878 (2006) for 2.3% of the national population.[1] The per capita provincial income in 2006 was $33,664.[2] New Brunswick is also home to the longest covered bridge in the world.[3]

New Brunswick has struggled with the out-migration for several years.[4] As well, the economy is highly dependent on the public sector.[5]

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