Newport, Gwent

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Newport (Welsh: Casnewydd) is the third largest city of Wales. Located in the soth-east of the country, near the mouth of the River Usk, it is a port and for much of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries exported coal from the mining valleys of Monmouthshire. The Roman legionary fort of Caerleon (with an amphitheatre and the largest collection of excavated barrack blocks in Britain) is situated on the outskirts of Newport, and the city also possesses the medieval cathedral (originally a parish church) of St Woolos. On 4 November 1839 a Chartist uprising took place in Newport; this was suppressed by troops with the loss of 20 Chartist lives.

Newport has one of only two transporter bridges surviving in the United Kingdom (the other one spans the River Tees at Middlesbrough).

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