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The following Obama donor list from opensecrets.org is only a partial list of the Top Big Money Donors to the Presidential campaign of Barack Hussein Obama. Many of the donors are in the top 1% of earners in the United States and received bailout money after the Crash of 2008 from the Democrat Congress and President Obama.[Citation Needed]

This list is for the 2008 campaign cycle, and groups donations by the employer of the donors. Corporations are not allowed to make federal campaign contributions.

University of California $1,799,460
Goldman Sachs $1,034,615
Harvard University $900,909
Microsoft Corp $854,717
JPMorgan Chase & Co $847,895
Google Inc $817,855
Citigroup Inc $755,057
US Government $638,335
Time Warner $617,844
Sidley Austin LLP (law firm) $606,260
Stanford University $603,866
National Amusements Inc $579,098
Columbia University $570,839
Skadden, Arps et al. (law firm) $554,439
WilmerHale Llp (law firm) $554,373
US Dept of Justice $540,636
IBM Corp $534,470
UBS AG $534,166
General Electric $532,031
Morgan Stanley $528,182

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