Olive Oyl for President

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Olive Oyl for President
Directed by Isadore Sparber
Produced by Sam Buchwald
Written by Joe Stultz
Larry Riley
Starring Jack Mercer
Mae Questel
Jackson Beck
Music by Winston Sharples
Animation by Tom Ford
John Gentilella
Tom Johnson
Studio Famous Studios
Distributed by Paramount Pictures
Release date(s) January 30, 1948
Running time 6:00
Preceded by All's Fair at the Fair
Followed by Wigwam Whoopee
Olive Oyl for President is a Popeye the Sailor theatrical animated short produced by Famous Studios (the original animation unit of Paramount Pictures) and released on January 30, 1948.


Popeye and Olive Oyl are listening to speeches being given by various candidates for President when Olive asks why women don't run for President. Popeye jokes in response that women don't run for President because they're too busy running for husbands. When Olive has enough of the political speeches and muses about running for President herself, Popeye ridicules the idea and gets bashed over the head and knocked out with a frying pan by Olive for his trouble.

While unconscious, Popeye has a dream where Olive hits the campaign trail and appeals to would-be voters in song, promising silkworms in every house so there will be no shortage of stockings for women, clean streets, a cure for insomnia, jumbo-sized ice cream cones for children, multiple-story buses to ensure no shortage of seats for commuters, new apartment buildings, turkeys with multiple drumsticks, more holidays and a man for every woman. After ballots flood in, Olive wins and becomes the first female President.

At the Capitol Building in Washington soon after, Popeye roots for Olive as she presides over a Congress consisting of donkeys (representing Democrats) and elephants (representing Republicans). Olive proposes a "Bachelor Tax" of 98%, which she hopes will convince men to get married and thus avoid that tax; the Democrats accept the tax but the Republicans say no to it. When Olive proposes a "Women Wear the Pants in the Family Act" next, the Republicans also turn it down while the Democrats accept it. Olive then proposes a Cabinet composed of Hollywood actors, which is again split between a "Yes" vote from the Democrats and a "No" vote from the Republicans. Olive puts a stop to the resulting arguments by calling on Cupid, the "Secretary of Love", to shoot the Congress members with his arrows from a Gatling Gun, leading to the entire Congress singing her praises while Popeye cheers her on again.

Popeye soon wakes from his dream and takes Olive on the road to campaign for President, with Olive dressed like the Statue of Liberty while riding a parade float.


  • This is one of the few Popeye the Sailor shorts where Popeye does not eat spinach to gain strength and defeat a villain.
  • Little Audrey, a character first introduced in the Famous Studios-produced 1947 short Santa's Surprise, makes a cameo appearance in this short. Little Audrey would go on to star in her own Famous Studios theatrical series between 1948 and 1958, with her voice provided by Mae Questel (using the same voice she used for Olive Oyl).

Production notes

  • This is a color remake of the 1932 Fleischer Studios black-and-white Betty Boop short Betty Boop for President.

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