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Orienteering is a sport in which competitors navigate around a predefined set of control points using a map and compass.[1] Most races involve courses which are planned specially for the event, although some permanent orienteering courses have been created for recreational use. The sport is largest in Scandinavian countries, and attracts smaller interest in the rest of Europe, Japan and the USA. Large events normally use electronic punching systems although this is not a requirement.

The USA Orienteering Standing Team is:


A - Pavlina Brautigam, Hillary Saeger, Samantha Saeger, Sandra Zurcher
B - Suzanne Armstrong, Viktoria Brautigam
C - Cristina Luis, Erin Neilsen, Ekaterina Orekhova, Angelica Riley


A - Eric Bone, Boris Granovskiy
B - Eddie Bergeron, Mark Everett, John Fredrickson, Sergey Velichko
C - Leif Anderson, Gregory Balter, Joe Brautigam, Clem McGrath, James Scarborough, Matt Scott, Ross Smith, Ken Walker, Jr.

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