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Palm Sunday

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Palm Sunday, which takes place one week before Easter, marks the beginning of Holy Week (or "passion week"). It is a remembrance of Jesus' triumphal entry into Jerusalem, one week before his crucifixion. As he entered the city, his disciples and onlookers spread their cloaks as well as palm branches on the road in from of him. This was a practice typically done for kings. The Greeks commemorate Palm Sunday as "Lazarus Sunday," in honor of the raising back to life of Lazarus by Jesus in front of many onlookers in Jerusalem, the event that was the most immediate cause of the crucifixion of Jesus.

Palm Sunday is recognized by all four Gospels.[1] It consists of Jesus's entry into Jerusalem amid massive but short-lived public support, in fulfillment of the prophesy of the Old Testament.[2]

Christians commemorate Palm Sunday as the triumph of faith and love over the flesh, and honor the many martyrs who gave their lives to God. The palms (olives or branches in some countries, such as England[3]) symbolize triumph in Jewish tradition.[4]


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