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Pat Kenny (born January 29, 1948) is an Irish journalist, chat show host and left-wing polemicist. Educated at University College Dublin, where he helped form the Students For Cuban Solidarity Movement, he went on to study at the Georgia Institute of Technology before becoming a lecturer at Dublin's Bolton Street College of Technology. In the 1970s a researcher from RTE, Ireland's national broadcaster, saw him speaking at a People's Revolutionary Tendency meeting and hired him as a continuity announcer. He went on to host various prominent radio shows, television news broadcasts and, in 1999, he replaced Gay Byrne as host of The Late Late Show, the nation's most popular chat show.


In contrast to the socially conservative Byrne, Kenny has always been viewed as a leftist and he has allowed those opinions to color interviews on the Late Late Show. Most notoriously, he once berated Dana Rosemary Scallon, a conservative singer and Presidential candidate, as a "living embodiment of the outdated views that have kept this country in the slime". Scallon extracted an apology, but Kenny has continued to forward his views on both radio and television. In 2003, the RTE Guide voted him the third most influential political radical in Irish history (after James Connolly and Bernadette Devlin). Conservative bodies such as The Movement to Save Ireland have worked hard at exposing Kenny's bias.[1]