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Penda was a powerful king in Britain in the 7th century AD. His kingdom, covering much of the English Midlands, was probably called the 'Marc' in English, 'Mercia' in Latin, and meant 'border land' (probably in reference to its border with Wales). The Mercians were probably mainly Angles in origin. Penda was a pagan and fought against the Christian kingdom of Northumbria, defeating its king Edwin in around AD 632. Oswy of Northumbria led an army that slew Penda at Winwaed (thought to be in or near the city of Leeds) in AD 655, so Penda was the last significant pagan King of an English kingdom (though when the Vikings took over parts of England (including East Mercia) from the mid 9th century AD, their Kings/Earls were heathen at first).