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Dr. Peter Kreeft is a Catholic Christian apologist, and professor of philosophy at Boston College. He is the author of over 45 books and was influenced by C. S. Lewis, St. Augustine and Thomas Aquinas.[1] As a child he was surrounded by those Protestants who despised Catholicism, but when writing an essay about Dostoevsky's attack of "spiritual totalitarianism," he reconsidered his upbringing and later converted.[2] He earned an A.B. degree from Calvin College, an M.A. and Ph.D. from Fordham University, did post-doctoral work at Yale University and has received several honors including the Woodrow Wilson Award, Yale-Sterling Fellowship, Newman Alumni Scholarship, Danforth Asian Religions Fellowship, and a Weathersfield Homeland Foundation Fellowship.[3] He greatly supports great works education, Socratic debate, and when asked about how C.S. Lewis would act in the third millennium, he stated (among responses to other thing than Dawkins), "I suspect Lewis would prefer not to cast his pearls before swine, so he would probably ignore the so-called “four horsemen” of New Atheism."[4]


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