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Peter Sturges Ruckman (Nov 19, 1921 - Apr 21, 2016) was a pastor and an Independent Baptist. He wrote The Creed of the Alexandrian Cult (1978). This book denounces modern Bible translations and affirms the authority of the King James Version. Ruckman was largely responsible for the "King James Only" dispute that split fundamentalism in the 1980s. He was the founder of the Pensacola Bible Institute, an unaccredited school in Pensacola, Florida,[1] as well as a UFO enthusiast.[2] Despite claiming to be a fundamentalist, he held to a pro-choice view on abortion, namely the false claim that a baby is not a person until birth.

Ruckman argued that KJV is superior, not only to other English-language translations, but also to Textus Receptus, the Greek text that it is based on (any differences in the two, according to Ruckman, are to be decided in favor of the KJV as "advanced revelation"). Modern Bible translations are based on the "Alexandrian" Greek text. This text is compiled from manuscripts that are centuries older than the ones used to produce TR. The name is from Codex Alexandrinus, one of the manuscripts used.

Ruckman defined his enemies broadly. “This cult is the Alexandrian Cult of North Africa, and its tenacles [sic] stretch from Origen (184-54 A.D.) to John R. Rice and the faculty members of every ‘recognized’ Christian school in the world,” according to Ruckman.[3] Rice was a well-known pastor and Independent Baptist.[4]

He was well-known for his caustic attitude and verbiage used toward his critics;[5] even his alma mater (Bob Jones University) was not spared his criticism and was often the brunt of it. He was married three times; his first two marriages ended in divorce.

Dr. Ruckman died April 21, 2016, at the age of 94.[6]


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