Peter the Great

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Peter the Great

Emperor/Tsar of Russia
In office
May 7, 1682 – February 8, 1725
Preceded by Feodor III
  • Co-Ruler: Ivan V (r. 1682 - 1696) predeceased Peter
Succeeded by Catherine I

Born June 9, 1672
Died February 8, 1725
Saint Petersburg
Spouse(s) Martha Skavronskaya ​(m. 1707)

Peter I, also known as Peter the Great (1672 - 1725) was the Russian czar from 1689 to 1725. Realizing the need to modernize, he turned his attention to Europe and enthusiastically introduced Western languages and technologies to the Russian elite. Peter even moved his capital from Moscow to the new city of St. Petersburg.

Involved in a number of foreign wars, Peter pulled Russia together as a nation and expanded its boundaries.


He was responsible for transforming Russia into a more modern country similar with modern European countries, for this. He is seen as a popular ruler, and one of the best Tsars of Russia. He stood a massive 6ft 8” which is taller than most people.

For the first 14 years of his reign, he would either be ruled by a regent or with his half brother Ivan V until 1696, Ivan’s reign was solely titular due to his mental and physical disabilities.


He died in 1725, Catherine I took over and reigned for 2 years, then Peter II reigned from 1727 - 1730.

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