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Pro-Life Action League is a Pro-life group that is saving women and their babies from abortion with peaceful direct action. The organization was founded by Joseph M. Scheidler in 1980 and is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Some key activities include; Abortion clinic presence whereby they pray at clinics and perform sidewalk counseling, Public protests by raising awareness of the injustice of abortion through marches, pickets, prayer vigils and especially Face the Truth Tours, Confront the abortionists and abortion promoters wherever they are including picket and demonstrations outside abortion facilities, pro-abortion events, the offices of abortion organizations like NOW and Planned Parenthood and even abortionists' houses. In addition, they infiltrate their meetings and groups. The League helps pro-life activists organize effective programs, trains them to become successful pro-life leaders in their communities. Whenever they can, the organization conducts seminars and conferences, lecture before student groups, speak at pro-life rallies, debate at leading universities, appear on news broadcasts and in print media. Through their Generations for Life program they help teens form vibrant pro-life clubs and trains them yearly. Like many conservative websites, their url was targeted by denial of service (DDoS) cyber attacks.

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