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Proposition K was a November 2008 ballot initiative for decriminalizing prostitution in San Francisco, California. In the name of reducing violence against women and improve the health of sex workers and their clients, Prop K went to the voters and was handily defeated. The measure directs San Francisco Police Department and the District Attorney’s office to refuse to enforce the State of California’s prostitution laws. Progressive civic leaders and their supporters pushed the measure.


Many prominent liberals advocated Proposition K. The pillars of the progressive movement supported the measure such as San Francisco's labor unions, newspapers, La Raza, the Libertarian Party, the Green Party, the San Francisco Democratic Party, California state assemblyman Democrat Mark Leno and the SF Human Rights Commission.


Masquerading as a progressive initiative the Prop K legislation will harm women, children, and the San Francisco community as a whole. Non-enforcement of this law would have hurt the investigation and prosecution of traffickers and those involved in exploiting children.

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