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QubeTV is a video-hosting website launched in 2007 by two former White House aides under Ronald Reagan, Charlie Gerow and Jeff Lord. The site works to provide a "conservative take on politics and culture to the Internet" [1] and contains videos created by prominent conservative Americas like Rush Limbaugh and Tom Tancredo. QubeTV was launched partly in response to YouTube's deletion of a video uploaded by conservative pundit Michelle Malkin which warned of the threat of radical Islamic extremists and boldly depicted many of their previous threats and attacks.[2] The full video can be viewed on QubeTV here

Concern over YouTube's liberal bias stems from the company's acquisition by the liberal-leaning[3][4] Google Corporation in 2006. On the merger, Gerow described his site's importance by saying, "We saw a need for a social-networking site for the center-right [...] something that isn't controlled by our good friends at Google."[5]


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