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The Religious Left or more specifically the Christian Left (see Liberal Christians) are individuals or groups of religious people who combine the Christian faith with liberal politics. They sometimes agree with Conservatives about issues such as abortion and same sex marriage, but they see issues such as global warming, poverty, and war as moral issues. While most Christians see poverty and war as important moral issues, the Religious Left takes liberal positions on how to mitigate or resolve these issues. For example, while conservative Christians believe in individual charitable giving, many liberal Christians think that government has a duty to resolve poverty. They believe in public healthcare, public education, and social welfare. They also believe in more globalized (UN) control of wars, treaties, and other international relations.

Liberal Christians tend to accept homosexual behavior. They have been criticized by conservative Christians as straying away from original Christian teachings.

Christian Leftists

  • Tommy Douglas - Minister and former leader of the NDP. Founder of Canadian Public Healthcare.
  • Jimmy Carter - Evangelical Leftist and Former President of the United States.
  • Jesse Jackson - Liberal civil rights activist.

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