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Respect Party

The Respect Party is a minor UK political party that serves mainly as a vehicle for the activities of George Galloway, the former Labour Party dissenter, socialist, Arabist and current MP for Bradford West.

Respect has had more success than other comparable parties built around a single individual (such as Robert Kilroy-Silk's short-lived Veritas endeavor), since it has managed to get an MP elected to the House of Commons: Galloway was elected to a London constituency in 2005, lost his seat in 2010, and then returned to Parliament again in 2012. Nevertheless, Respect's influence on the wider political scence is fairly minor. It may even harm the left wing of British politics in some circumstances, by taking votes from left-wing voters from the much more moderate Labour Party.

Respect also has some local council seats, overwhelmingly in urban areas such as the Tower Hamlets borough of London.