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Rightpedia ( was a misnamed national socialist (Nazi) wiki created by ex-Metapedia admins. The website contained anti-Semitic, racist and holocaust denial material. By its name, it appeared to be another false flag cyber operation to defame the Right by ignoring the fact that the Nazi Party, and Nazism itself, are on the far-Left of the political spectrum alongside other totalitarian ideologies like Communism, and that racism and anti-Semitism are particularly leftist traits.


Rightpedia was founded in 2015 by the Hungarian neo-Nazi Eleonóra Dubiczki (username Fiala). She was banned from Metapedia for promoting irrational conspiracy theories about Jewish people and misusing the website to attack political enemies. She invited several other banned Metapedia users and promoted them as admins including Michael Coombs (username Mikemikev) and A Wyatt Man. On November 6th, 2018 Fiala purchased protection from Cloudflare to hide Rightpedia's host, but there were already public records that the hosting provider for Rightpedia is GoDaddy. The website was taken down later that year.[1]


Rightpedia contained hundreds of articles which were anti-Semitic, racist and xenophobic. For example, they described black people as "uneducated gorillas" and rapists.[2][3][4] They described Jewish people with smear terms such as "disloyal", "greedy", "ugly" and "perverted".[5] Dubiczki has written articles on Rightpedia which denied the Holocaust happened and glorified the actions of the Nazi Party.[6][7][8]

On Conservapedia

Rightpedia trashed Conservapedia. They attacked this site for accepting the six million figure for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust, for rejecting Darwinism and the theory of evolution (both of which are embraced enthusiastically by the Left), supporting biblical creation, and for condemning the socialist policies of Adolf Hitler.[9]


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