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Ring Lardner (1885-1933) was an American author. His works include You Know Me, Al: A Busher's Letters (1916), How to Write Short Stories (1924), and The Love Nest and Other Stories (1926).[1]

Life and Works

Lardner was born on March 6, 1885.[2] He married in 1911, had four sons, and worked as a columnist.[3] He was very accomplished as a columnist, compared to Mark Twain, admired by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and influential to Ernest Hemingway, but never wrote anything but columns and short stories and instead established the American sports column.[4] He wrote many short stories, including the letters of a baseball player collected in You Know Me, Al: A Busher's Letters.[5] He moved to New York to write more short stories, but was fighting tuberculosis, and September 25, 1933.[6] His son, Ring Jr., became successful as a screenwriter, but was blacklisted.