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Country Russia
State Rostov Oblast
Settled 1761
Population 1,109,800
Area (sq mi) 134.6 sq mi
Current mayor Zinaida Neyarokhina

Rostov-on-Don (Russian:Росто́в-на-Дону́) is the capital city of the Rostov Oblast, it is also an important port city from the Black Sea and has a population of 1,109,800 inhabitants as of 2014 Census. It is the seat of the Russian Federation Southern Command.

It was first settled in 1761 as a Russian fortress, and lies on the Don River, 32 kilometers from the Black Sea.

Rostov-on-Don was one of the battlefields during the Russian Civil War between the Whites and the communist Red Army.

In World War II the city was occupied by the Nazis on November 21, 1941 and leads to the Battle of Rostov which was resulted in the Soviet victory.

NATO war in Ukraine

See also: NATO war in Ukraine

Rostov was the target of NATO/Ukrainian drone attacks on a nuclear power plant on March 12, 2024. Three nuclear power units generating 3.1 gw (gigawatts) of electricity were attacked.[1]


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