Royce Wayne McMahen

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Royce Wayne McMahen

Louisiana State Representative
for District 10 in Webster
and Bossier parishes
Assumed office 
July 31, 2018
Preceded by Gene Reynolds

Born October 3, 1954
Political party Democrat-turned-Republican
Spouse(s) Beverly Stuart McMahen
Children Three children, including

Stuart Wayne McMahen
Royce L. and Johnnie Souter McMahen

Occupation Veterinarian in Springhill, Louisiana
Religion Southern Baptist

Royce Wayne McMahen, known as Wayne McMahen (born October 3, 1954), is a veterinarian from Springhill in Webster Parish in northwestern Louisiana and a Republican member for the District 10 seat in the Louisiana House of Representatives.

A former Democrat, McMahen was the only candidate seeking to succeed Representative Gene Reynolds in the special election scheduled for November 6, 2018. With no opponent, the special election was cancelled, and McMahen took his seat on July 31, 2018.[1] In his announcement of candidacy from the steps of the Webster Parish Courthouse in Minden, McMahen listed the principal issues as rural health, community safety, natural resources, jobs, and cooperation in the legislature.[2]

He is the only surviving son of the former Johnnie Souter (1930-2012) and Royce L. McMahen, also a Springhill veterinarian and the Democratic sheriff of Webster Parish from 1980 to 1996. His younger brother was Randy McMahen (1956-1968). His parents and brother are interred at Springhill Cemetery.

Columnist Jeffrey Dennis Sadow, a political science professor at Louisiana State University in Shreveport, predicted that McMahen, based on background and key supporters, including the outgoing Democrat, Gene Reynolds, and others favoring an increase in the gasoline tax, may be a RINO when he takes the House seat. Sadow explained his view:

Several RINOs populate both chambers of the Legislature, individuals who exploit both Louisiana’s eroding populist political culture and conservatism on social issues. Typically, RINOs emphasize issue preferences such as being pro-life and against gun control and make personal connections with constituents through service to them. That especially includes influential people wanting government to tax more so it can spend more, preferably on contracts for them, and allows RINOs to shovel more money to local government and state bureaucracy back home. Then they can boast about all of the pork and jobs they have provided to secure reelection.[3]

McMahen's wife, the former Beverly Kay Stuart (born July 1, 1955), is a registered Democrat.[4][5] The couple has three children. A son, Springhill attorney Stuart Wayne McMahen (born December 7, 1981), is a Republican.[6]

McMahen joins Democrats in choosing House Speaker

​ McMahen defeated Democratic opposition for a full House term in the nonpartisan blanket primary on October 12, 2019, from another Springhill resident, Creighton Wilson,[7] a retired educator.

On January 13, 2020, McMahen was among twenty-three Republican lawmakers, known as the Fraud Squad, who voted for the Moderate Republican Clay Schexnayder of Ascension Parish, whose election as House Speaker depended heavily on the votes of thirty-five Democratic lawmakers, along with two Independents, and the Republican defectors. Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards made contact6s on Schexnayder's behalf. Statewide radio commentator Moon Griffon coined the term "Fraud Squad" for the twenty-three dissidents nominally in the Republican Party.[8]


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