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Newtown, Connecticut, is a small, wealthy town in the greater Danbury metropolitan area. It was established in 1711 and consists of 38,644 acres (60.38 square miles). That space is divided into five smaller regions, Borough, Sandy Hook, Hawleyville, Botsford, and Dodgingtown.[1] Newtown, and specifically the Sandy Hook neighborhood gained a great deal of attention when 26 people were there massacred on December 14, 2012, by 20-year-old Adam Lanza. Twenty of the victims were young children, gunned down at Sandy Hook Elementary School where Lanza's mother volunteered. Adam Lanza stole four guns[2] from his mother, then shot and killed her with one of them. The massacre was used by liberals to push for gun control.

Massacre aftermath

U.S. Senator from West Virginia Joe Manchin supported legislation to establish universal background checks across the nation. He pushed it immediately after the Sandy Hook massacre, even though even he admitted that the legislation would not have stopped the massacre, considering the shooter stole the weapons he used.[3] Background checks have been shown to be ineffective in preventing other shootings as well.[3]

Alex Jones once promoted a conspiracy theory claiming the massacre was a hoax. Bereaved families have been subjected to online abuse and death threats from "activists" claiming they were actors in a government false flag operation. The town committee considered a written appeal to President Trump asking him to speak out against the conspiracy theorists.[4]

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