Scott Nearing

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Scott Nearing

Scott Nearing was a radical's radical, a professor who was dismissed from his position at University for indoctrinating his students.[1] He was also a lecturer at the Rand School of Social Science and a member of the League for Industrial Democracy.[2]


On June 17, 1915, Provost Edgar F. Smith of the University of Pennsylvania sent the following notice to Professor Scott Nearing:

My Dear Mr Nearing, as the term of your appointment as assistant professor of economics for 1914-15 is about to expire, I am directed by the trustees of the University of Pennsylvania to inform you that it will not be renewed.[1]

Landlord's Game

Nearing was fond of the Landlord's Game, the predecessor to Monopoly. The Landlord's Game was based on the ideals of Henry George. Nearing would teach the game to his students.[3] As the popularity of the game grew, it colloquially came to be known among the students as "Monopoly".[3]

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