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Sexual freedom as proclaimed by its proponents is the "right" to engage in any sexual behavior at all, without any restriction of morality, ethics or law.[1] The advocates of such licence invariably deny the inevitable spiritual, physical and emotional damage - often deadly damage - caused by such behaviour. Frank LaGard Smith points out that sexual liberties lead to killing of millions of unborn children, the nazi-style Final Solution for sexual freedom.[2]

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  1. This includes BDSM, "swinging", and polyamory [1]
  2. Frank LaGard Smith (1996). "7.Taking Sexual Liberties", ACLU: The Devil's Advocate : the Seduction of Civil Liberties in America. Marcon Publishers, 111. ISBN 9781886547032. “sexual license ...; and finally takes a quantum leap to the killing of millions of unborn children, the Final Solution for sexual freedom.”