Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

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"Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars" is the name of a document, found by a Boeing employee on July 7th, 1986, in an IBM copier purchased at a surplus sale. The document, dated May, 1979, purports to be part of a manual written by the global elite. Bill Cooper claims, in "Behold a Pale Horse", that while he was in Naval Intelligence he saw secret document saying that Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars was the policy adopted by the Bilderberg Group at their first meeting in 1954. This seems to be confirmed within the document, which says that the contents of the document were decided upon at a meeting of the elite in 1954.

The document's main focus is upon the economy, and how the elite may manipulate the economy, which works exactly like electricity, according to the document, and the people of a nation. It includes plans to have everyone tattooed with a luminescent number in order to track them. It also says that wars must be started to balance the economy. This is done by killing the creditors.

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