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Boeing is short for The Boeing Company, which is currently the world's largest manufacturer of aircraft. It is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in Seattle, Washington by William Boeing in 1916, the company started manufacturing seaplanes.


Boeing built huge numbers of bombers during World War II including some 12,000 B-17 Flying Fortresses and 3,900 B-29 Superfortresses. The technological advancements following World War II allowed Boeing to create the first successful passenger jet, the 707. Since then, commercial Boeing aircraft have had a 7x7 designation. In the 1960s, Boeing introduced their best-selling commercial aircraft to date, the 737, a short- or medium-range two-engined airliner. In January 1970, the 747 was introduced as the largest commercial aircraft at the time. In 1996, Boeing acquired Rockwell’s aerospace and defense units and in August 1997, Boeing merged with McDonnell Douglas to form The Boeing Company.

Space Program

Boeing was an important company in Project Apollo, as well as the Space Shuttle Program, and it was the first contractor for the International Space Station.

Notable Designs